Monday, July 16

Flickr Favorite - July week 2

It has been a while I did not do this tradition on my blog. Yes! My FLICKR favorite pictures post. I love doing this. I do this mostly during my free-time while waiting for my daughter. I use my iPad to do this, I use Flickit Pro and Flipboard to select my favorite pictures. To check my previous post for this, click HERE.

I love doing this, It gives me inspiration of beautiful pictures that I want to make one day, and it help me emphasize on photography style that I am very comfortable with. It is somehow confirm my curiosity to find out what kind of theme, style or colors that I love when I am doing my photo shots. I do collect Inspiration for my photography style from some other community as well like, Instagram and Pinterest.

Alright! let's start with these beautiful pictures on the top. Please do not be surprise if I keep mentioning the same name over and over again, then you would know they are my favorite photographer ..... You should click on each of the name I give below to have a full view of these beautiful photographs.

2. wood

11. Time

It is always my joy to browse beautiful pictures on the internet. I hope these pictures will inspire you as well, as they are to mine.



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