Wednesday, July 18

FREEBIES - Desktop screen

Hello I have been busy with things around my everyday life. However tonight between my routine on checking my daughter's homework, I made a point to craft this desktop wallpaper for you. I think you know how I love reading quote or making one too. I think it will be cool to craft a work and put my personal quote on it and paste this work on my desktop screen. It is like a small motivator for me everyday to start kicking my days for good things :p

I am one of Stephen Covey admire. I admire his thought and books. I had few of his books and I have been following his videos that are available out there on the internet. I think his thought empower us to be in control in our own path. We choose the options and be responsible for it. I love his principle of everyday life - 7 habits of highly effective people. 

You can click here to find out what he means by 7 habits in a nutshell, and click here to check his book review from my good read accounts.

And to end this post, you can check my video list for Stephen Covey speech that were recorded and uploaded to YouTube. CLICK HERE!

And lastly CLICK HERE to download the desktop for FREE. I hope you like it, just like I do.

Cheers everyone, keep the positive thoughts going ... don't let others bug you down :p


  1. What a fun colorful motivator to wake up to every morning!

    Thanks for sharing at our Crazy for Color link party!



  2. What a beautiful, colorful idea! Thank you so much for sharing at our party! :)

  3. Linda and Karah thank you so very much for coming over here. cheers!

  4. Love the quote and the color - thanks so much for sharing it our our Color party!

  5. Beautifully awesome! I came over from Andrea's blog...Mission Possible.


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