Tuesday, July 3

Hello .......

It has been a long break for me. One month out of my blog, and pop once a while just to post pictures during my holiday in June {last month}. It was not easy to find a good internet connection during my holiday, and most of the time I would be tired just to reach the hotel and rest.

Yes! It was an awesome 3 weeks holiday to Europe. I traveled along with my hubby and my daughter. It is another adventure for the 3 of us to explore Europe, just like our trip to New Zealand last year December.

We traveled to Italy, France, Spain, Swiss and the Netherlands. We visited and passed many cities along the way. We took EuroRail to commute, we had the Euro Global Pass for 21 days. This pass allow us to travel to any cities in Europe within those given days. We enjoyed our Europe train ride mostly because the scenic views along the way. 

I took many photos along the way. Europe is just beautiful on photos. I love the dazzling and vibrant colors I found along the way. Every cities we visited bring out their own character that I could not stop snapping pictures here and there.

I had shared some of them on my Instagram, you can check them out here. There are still many more stock of pictures that I have not shared. Each of them is special for me, they are just pretty to my eyes.

I am still struggling with my sleeping pattern. I am not sure why It is taking so long for me compare to what my husband and my daughter have. They seems to adjusting pretty fast. Maybe because my mind is just too busy remembering the trip and plan what I am going to do to remember the trip in the creative ways.

On top of this trip remembrance, I am busy planning with many other things to do to kill my days. Yes! I love to be busy and stay creative from day to day. It keep the positive spirit going. Creating something I love is indeed boost up the good energy out.

I am planning to print my Instagram pictures into small mini cards. I am looking for the printing company that can help me with this. I probably will pack it nicely and sell it too .... I also plan to build up my pen-friend connection across the planet. It is so much fun to actually exchange letters and gifts around. I have few on my list to start with. I will see how it goes before I expand for more.

I also had cleaned up my Instagram pictures, I am working on a theme and style that I will be keeping considering I will print them out for collection or sales.

Yes! I am busy busy as always. My routines at home {cooking, cleaning and my daughter's study}, my hobby, my readings and my social media life off course.

I miss my routines ... I have a lot to catch up. I have like close to 800 post to read on my blogLovin, can you imagine that. I don't know how am I going to clear that ... hahahahahahaha.

I have pinterest to catch up, FLICKR to update and this blog to run again as usual.

And ONE BEST news for me is .... iTune Music is available in Singapore NOW. That is really wonderfully terrific news for me right after my holiday. so Yes! i can start downloading my favorite music from there.

Life is Good and I am feeling Good! Cheers all.

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