Friday, July 27

Howl's Moving Castle - by Hayao Miyazaki

Sometimes I adore my daughter's movie taste, such as the works by Hayao Miyazaki. She had invited me to watch two of his works at Disney Channel. The first one I watched was Spirited Away, and tonight the first time I watched Howl's Moving Castle. She watched these movie few times as Disney Channel keep playing it again and again.

It is actually a children animation movie, but even me as an adult I enjoyed this movie so much. I don't know how to describe the movie. It is beautiful all the way to the detail. The animation, the story, the message, the colors, the imagination, the soundtrack ... the whole thing about it. It create a wonderful fantasy for us who watch it.

And have a look of this video of interview with Hayao Miyazaki, when you listen to his explanation on creating his works, you can really relate his emotion to the movie. The movie speak exactly what he said on this interview. I love the feeling he brought forward to each of his works, especially having children as his major audition.

if you have time, i would recommend you to look for this movie and watch it. and if you are parent, i am sure your kids will enjoy this wonderful movie.

and listen to this beautiful soundtrack too .... good night everyone :)

Thank you .... Miyazaki san for this wonderful movie ..... 


  1. My bf showed me Spirited Away and really enjoyed it. I believe has told me about Howl's Moving Castle, def will check it out.

  2. Hanny ... i am going to get the DVD collection for all his works. there are few others movie along these 2 tittles. enjoy the movie.


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