Monday, July 30

Jewelry Swap - It's the Day to reveal .....

Some weeks ago, Melissa from, The Life of a Not So Ordinary wife invited us to join the Jewelry Swap link-up. Click HERE to read more about it. I happily joined the link up and few weeks after I registered for it, Melissa had kindly email me the name, address and blog of the lovely friend that I suppose to send my jewelry for. And she is : Polly Davies from This Enchanted Pixie. However, I was so busy that I was very late of sending the jewelry swap to Polly. I do not think she receive it by now, so what I will do I will post the picture of the jewelry I send to her here as well the jewelry I received as well. { I am really sorry Polly, I hope you read this post }

Polly had quoted on her jewelry preference that she likes something bohemian or boho inspired style. Me too I like everything to do with bohemian style. Bohemian is colorful and a bit vintage look, we love jewelry and sometimes we wear a lot of them at one time. Layer and layer of jewelries to go along with our very casual and comfortable outfit.

So I really hope, Polly will like this necklace, I am sure she can easily match this with any color she wears and layer it with other necklaces too. 

And on the other side of the coin I had received an awesome gift from Sarah, A Cat- Like Curiosity, and she kindly had posted about this gift on her blog, click HERE to read about it. Thank you Sarah, you are so sweet, I hope you are reading this blog too.

These are the things I really like and wear everyday, bracelets and ring .... so I am so happy to have these added to my collections. I love the colors, they can go with almost every clothes and style I am wearing. Once again, thank you Sarah!

Oh Well! Happy Monday All! and check out below for the LINK-up to melissa blog ... cheers! 


  1. Love it. Found you swappin' at the Jewelry Swap! You can find what I got over at

  2. that necklace is beautiful!! I just linked mine up was a great swap! :)


  3. So pretty! Found you from the jewelry swap! :)

  4. Hello girls thank you .... i just linked up to your blog too. cheers!

  5. So glad you liked the jewelry I sent!!


  6. I love what you sent and received! I think I may be a swap addict now(:

  7. LOVE what you got AND what you sent out! Thanks for participating in the Jewelry Swap!

  8. Thank you so much Melissa ... :) How I wish I can reply the comment one by one ... grrrr I still need to find out how to HTML code it for my blog. cheers!


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