Tuesday, July 31

Life is a stitching moments


Everyday, we are stitching the history of our life. We pick up moments and make them as our own. Some are bad some are good, but what lies behind them are the same ~ something to reflect upon and to ponder ~. Each one of them are special on their own way. They whisper the life long lesson that bring special memories for us. It teaches us lesson about life, It teaches us lesson of being humble as human being that depend a lot with many other things in this life, it teaches us to treasure what we have in LIFE and be grateful with it. 


Every bits and pieces of those memories translate into the colors and design we choose to have in our life. Some probably would prefer darker colors with all the odd shapes that many would not understand. Some will chose all those beautiful pinkish soft pastel colors that give hopes and dreams for those who see it. And for the other some, they strike with bright vibrant color and daring structure and design that boldly express who they are without any doubt to who ever happened to see it. It does not really matter, what really MATTER is .... are we happy with it? are we happy with what we choose to be inside our life history? we are the designer and creator for our own happiness and sorrow? ..... we are the writer of our life history.

Always be TRUE to our selves first before being TRUE to others. Each of us are in charge of our own happiness, it is a productive action of making things happened. To me ... Happiness is not a state of mind that freeze for certain moments, it is a continuous effort of making things happened for the sake of our life. We are the survival in our history. Let's treasure Life ... It is beautiful and indeed very precious. 

Cheers! Happy Tuesday all.


  1. love your blog! especially these cute little sayings - loving this last one of the beach ...its so true.
    just found your blog and excited to be your newest follower!
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  2. The quote about growing up is so true i can't stand it haha

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  3. a beautiful post and wonderful quotes to always remember. thanks for sharing, girl!
    xo TJ


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