Thursday, July 26

Lomography Oasis in Singapore

Today I was outside the house most of the time. I went for a breakfast meeting with the school principle discussing some concern or ideas regarding the school. I met some other moms who happened to be my friend too. Right after the meeting I went to Bras Basah { again, YES! again } with Sarbani. Sarbani is an artist and art teacher, she actually was the one who introduced me to this place called Bras Basah in Singapore.

I wrote about it before, click HERE to read about it. I think I will be coming back here for more pretty soon too :p. And I want to explore Holland Village as well in Singapore. Trust me 13 years in Singapore, I have not explored this place even once. Sarbani told me ... I would love this place and snapping pictures there. So I will definitely make my time to go there soon too.

So Alright, Today I found this shop. The shop name is : cat socrates, click here to read more about it. Basically this SHOP is photography heaven. If you love photography especially lomography, this is the oasis. They have an awesome collections of photography cards and lomography cameras. I probably will get a diana pretty soon too. I would love and love exploring this shop for my photography, I wish I can have permission to do more of that :p

oh Well! This is the best thing today on top my daughter's progress in school. I am blessed and a happy mom indeed. Cheers everyone.

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  1. wow.. this is a great place.. i hope i can go to there someday. :)

    Irene Wibowo


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