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Me Myself and I! - my story

I grabbed this linkup from ShadyLane's Blog and redlipscurvy Blog. It is quite interesting so I decided to join up. Probably you might ask the question what I got to do with miss. demi more :p Well this picture related to the question No. 4 , Which Celebrity Do you Get mistaken for? So let's start with No. 4 then we go in order No. 1 and onward.

No.4 - Which Celebrity Do you get Mistaken for?

This should be said Long Time ago, especially when I was in college in NYC. That time someone came up to me and said ... you have the same look as Demi Moore, I was so shocked at that time and right after I reached back home, I quickly face the mirror. Probably what the person means we have few similarities - both of us have round square face, eyes that are quite near to each other, lips which is fuller at the bottom part and thick neck sort of to say. To give more bonuses to it, miss Demi has dark eyes and hair too most of the time, so that probably it. 

No. 1 - What is your biggest phobia?

Snake .... most of the reptiles, I can just take it when I accidently make a contact with them. Their slimmerish and cold skin just freak me out. Especially snake, I am just scare of them. I grew up in Indonesia, by right I see a lot of snakes almost on my everyday life during my childhood. But thank's God, i never encounter a cobra. There are few occasions where the snake sneaked out to my bedroom and sleep under my brother's bed. I was so shocked and screamed, I was so scare of the snake attacking my brother who happened to sleep on the bed at that time. My dad being an ARMY guy, he is trained to handle the situation, and we are very fortunate the snake was easily conquered by my dad and curled up willingly to the bag. 

No.2 - if you could relieve any day of your life, what would it be and why?

The day when my daughter had her accident and lost her little finger on her left hand. I wish I could reverse that day or if it is a faith to be, I can minimize the risk of her loosing her finger. I could had watched her closely when the accident happened or react faster. I was pretty disappointed by the hospital emergency respond to the situation. We were kept waiting for some hours and transfer from one hospital to another hospital without ambulance during a heavy traffic hour. I was really upset with the situation that my daughter had to wait for close to 12 hours to have her surgery done. Probably if the surgery could had been done earlier, she could survive her finger. But, as a moslem, we are thought of being humble and accepting faith. Every good and bad things happened to our life is due to our faith. and when we accept it with big heart and mind, there is always be a lesson out from it. My daughter is keeping up so well with her condition. It does not stop her a bit to excel in her life. She is doing great in school and just doing fine mingle around with almost every persons she met, including friends from other part of the world while we are travelling together. At times, when I look at her ... She is such a brave girl! May this braveness and confidence stay with her for as long as she is around :)

No. 3 - If you could stay certain age, what age would it be?

This is tough ... I love growing older! I love my life now and never regret anything from my past. Everyday is something for me to be thankful. I enjoy each of everyday of my life. They are special in many ways. But if you relate this to the character that I always like to refer to when I write story or creating a character on my games, I usually choose 27. Why 27? I think this is the best age for every person. This is the age where we make so many important decision in life. We finish school, we probably decide to get married or start the first new job. So this is an important milestones for a lot of us. 

No.5 - What song are included on the soundtrack of your life?

I love a lot of songs - but those that are really special for me are songs from Michael Jackson. I like almost all of his pieces, but after his past away I will choose - This is it! To me Michael is not only creating a music, he created messages on each of his song for us. He reminded us how beautiful life we have and we should not wasted it. He teaches us to love each other and other living too. I was really sad when he died, i even cried inside the cinema when I watched this movie. It is indeed a lost for all of us .... RIP MJ!

finally below is link up for this link-up party, feel free to join us and share your story. Cheers!

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