Sunday, July 29

my favorite filters in Instagram

I fall in love with earlybird almost the whole of my life with Instagram. I like the vintage look that earlybird give to the picture. most of the time when i am using my earlybird filter, i just snap the picture with instagram camera and filter it with earlybird, and that is all. i normally like to have a consistent look of framing on my instagram board, that is why i always delete the previous pictures once it is no longer the same as my new framing preference. and i change a lot of times in instagram too. i explore different style, theme and filter :p

my second favorite filter will be sierra. i love the pinkish and soft look of this filter. at times when i am getting a little bit bored with earlybird round corner i will switch to sierra to give me the full square look on my picture. i normally like picture with frame when come to instagram. i like to see a little bit wider space within picture on my thumbnails.

my third preference will be rise or amaro, however when i use this filter i usually had worked out the editing a bit more outside instagram. this usually are not my instant snapshots. they are mostly are taken using my camera not iphone camera. i try to limit this on my instagram account, unless it is necessary especially when i have the intention of printing these works using instagram format.

my last favorite filter is the one from hipstamatic off course. when i shot using hipstamatic camera, i prefer it is uploaded to instagram direct from my hipstamatic camera. so this is another instant snapshots for me. as you notice i love to keep instant shots work in Instagram. My favorite filter and lens on hipstamatic are Tejas Lens and Dream Canvas Film.

Alright everyone! I got to run again .... Happy Sunday All!

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