Saturday, July 28

my LIFE as mom -

I think if you have been following my blog you know that I keep mentioning how FUN it is to be a full time mom to my only daughter :p But honestly I do, I enjoy every minute of it, staying home and watching her grow up. Spend my days with her is precious for me, being there for her when she needs a friend to talk to, being there for her to keep her strong when things getting a little bit too hard for her, being there for her and keep reminding her that she has to do her BEST everyday and being there for her to wish her a long contented LIFE. She is very special for me, she is the BEST friend I have ever have in my life. My life changed since I have her .... We became inseparable, we do a lot of things together. Off course we fight, sometimes we argue too ... but at the end of the day we understand how we love each other so much. She understand my anger is to bring the BEST out of her, she told me many times .... "You do that because you want me to better ". I always looking forward for her coming back from school .... there is always so much story she will share with me everyday. 

She made this video her self when she was 6 years old. These are all her digital work using the paintbrush, I guided her how to make a video using the movie maker. She chose the song her self .... I think she understand how strong we emphasize education on her life.

I do love making video of her too .... this is the one i took in Nice, France during our summer holiday this year

The next video when she was 6 years old, 2 years ago, that time we just took our afternoon walk around our house just after the rain stop.

Allright! Hope you enjoy the video! Good night!

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