Sunday, July 8

Negative Energy on the Internet World!

Sometime there are certain things happened in life that make me reflect to myself. I usually love to jolt it down just to wash it out. Probably in the big publicity term is making a press conference to clear out the air :p

In the era where the massive communication technology accelerating it's existence nonstop without stopping we learn things in the hard way. We learn to grow up and be matured on handling it on certain way. Some of us learn from it well and some probably do not see the benefit of learning from it at all.

I have seen enough personal notes responding to negative comments or cyber bullying on the internet world. I learn a lot from there. It is true, it takes a strong personality to take it on and move on with it. 

Some of us enjoy expressing ourselves in the internet world, we create, we share content and we exchange information with others in many different ways. It is easily misunderstood by public in many different ways too. Some take it quietly by just left the post alone without commenting anything when come to disagreement, some showing further negative response to it by pressing it further. That is why nasty comments, nasty emails, dislikes buttons or all the negative energy are so prominent in the world of internet.

Some of us can handle it well, they move on despite the negative comments and take it as a way to improve better. Some break down, stop and disappear without any trail. Some came out with all the drama that drags the things all the way to their real life. Things can be fatal too ... cyber-bully simply can cause someone's life unnecessary. 

Based on my observation, on the internet world, we have to know where to STOP! Stop commenting, stop pursuing, stop intriguing it, stop looking, stop searching, stop the communication and many other efficient stop. Like what the old saying said : not every battle is worth to participate. 

What is my take on this :

  1. I had stated clearly since the beginning of my existence on the Internet. I am here to express my self, to enhance my hobbies and share my interest with who ever happened to following me. I wrote about it a lot. Internet for me is about quality sharing, it is not about numbers or attention.
  2. I will not put down negative comment or dislike in anyone post! I will only comment on someone's post when I know my comment will bring more positive value to the post. Otherwise I will just keep it quite and skip it. 
  3. I am very selective with whom I am following intensively on the Internet world. My time is limited when I am online, so I pick and choose what I want to read.
  4. My interest is vary on the Internet, I like general knowledge, hobbies, creative works and not interested at all on personal matters. 
  5. I don't really like chatting or intense real time communication on the internet. When I am on the net, I would love to spend my time searching for content or sharing content.
  6. I love to get busy creating something when I am on the internet, that is why I love - life style blogger - I admire their content sharing on the net. Some share inspiration, some share ideas and tutorials. I never stop thanking them for that.
And I would like to share this wonderful quote that I found on the net :

" work for a cause, not for applause. live life to express not to impress and don't strive to make your presence noticed, just make your absent felt"

Once again, It is not about numbers, statistic or popularity when come to the net. For me it is about content and sharing good content. Happy Sunday All!

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