Friday, July 27

our { me and my daughter } journal progress

morning! it is finally FRIDAY! and I am rushing to go to my daughter's school for the reading mum program, but before I am doing that, let me post some update of our { me and my daughter} working progress project - our art journal or junk journal some call it. if you want to know about it, click HERE to read more.

i am doing this more for my daughter, she enjoy working on it together with me. we have been working together in one page at the same time. it was fun to actually sharing one small page together, our hands were bumping to each other when we were working on it. oh well! hope you like them ... they are precious for us.

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  1. What a fun project! It's so awesome to see a mother/daughter journal. I found your blog through Stumble Upon. I really like your art journals posts.


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