Friday, July 20

Society6 - new collections

continue dreaming by refinehere at society6

why are you here by refinehere at society6

better me by refinehere at society6

Last night I stayed up a little bit to catch up with my society6 new collection, click here to visit my profile at society 6. I actually planned to finish up my postcard projects, but I ended up making collages for my society6 shop. I just love making collages, most of the time i fell really connected with all the picture that i crafted together as one piece with a personal message to it.

If you go to my society6 account you will find a set of product collection for each design. They are iphone/ipad/ipod casing, laptop skin, art print, card and large print on the canvas scale. All the measurement are available there for you to check. 

Oh well! I hope I can finish up my postcard soon as well. I am working on my photo collections from each holiday travel i made recently. They will be set from my europe trip, new zealand trip, and probably some from my japan and hongkong trip as well. Stay tune to see them on print .... 

Cheers! thank you for always checking this blog out. YOU are AWESOME!!!!

P.S: If you purchased any of these products, send me an email, I have the screen wallpaper for your for FREE. cheers!


  1. those are such cute phone covers! I have been looking for a new phone cover. Looks like I need to check out Society6 :)

    New follower from the GFC Blog Hop!

  2. I really like that first phone case. I love the colors. Do you know if it's available in silicone?

    I was able to come across to your blog thanks to the GFC hop.

    Love & Whimsy

  3. Hi Megan, thank you so much for following, i will be checking your blog soon too. I am glad you like this work, yes please do check society6 to find out more. cheers!

  4. Milynn Luong, I am not really sure. I my self just ordered my own design and still waiting for it. I will update it once I get them on my hand. Thank you so much ....


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