Tuesday, July 24

What is on my plate this week .....

I received my instagram print-out yesterday from SocialPrint Studio, I have 46 cute small cards with me, and they look pretty awesome on print. These are mostly the pictures I had taken when I was in Europe last June. 

I am exploring the doodle tangle patterns, it is quite interesting as well to do. You can click here to check some of my inspiration on my pinterest. I usually carry my iPad and my moleskin journal with me everywhere. So i can easily pick them out from my bag and start working on them while waiting for my daughter.

I am also including the concept of having a quote, or words on my picture as my postcard project design. Yes! Don't remind me on them. They are there ... the template is done, I am working on my printing template and how effective I can do it from home without wasting paper and inks .... :p So my postcards should be out on ETSY pretty soon .... I am excited too!

I have borrowed bunch of books written by Catherine Lim., She is one of the prominent writer here in Singapore and I definitely like her writing style. I borrowed these books from the library and I have one month to finish them. I will see if I can do that in between my times too .... :p

But honestly, my big reason to borrow these books because I adore the book cover ... they are very pretty, arty and whimsical as well. I bet they look awesome as collections on the book shelf too. I just love the color tones on each of these books, and they are very feminine too.

I also found a beautiful blog that run an online course for video making project. this blog belongs to Vivienne McMaster, click here to visit it. I do love making video too, I have some personal video that I uploaded to my YouTube account. Click here if you want to visit them. I think from Vivienne blog, I know we need to find our comfortable style to make the videos more personal. This is one area that I probably will explore as well when I have time.

and check this awesome video that Vivienne made, I love it .... 


  1. the instagram prints are so adorable! i might have to try and print some of mine out!

  2. yess they are super cute ... i love them too

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