Sunday, August 5

All about my photography

What is photography for me?

Photography for me is a form of expression. I love to communicate with my audience through my photography works. I want them to actually connect to what I feel in that exact moment. The moment when I see the beauty out of something ordinary. For me photography is like my life long journal too, I record what I capture as beauty, what my eyes record as beauty.

What is my photography style?

I don't have style. I even call my self an amateur photographer. I do not have a DSLR camera, my best camera is Lumix G2 and that is all I have. And I only have 2 lenses for my Lumix. So far I think I am very happy with my camera give to me as result. But if you insist to find out what is my style. I love to capture little things from our everyday LIFE. I like something pretty, sweet and vintage inspired things. I love capturing still object in certain ways. You can see most of my photography works are still objects. 

Who inspire me in term of photography?

I have few names that I adore so much in the photography world. If you look at their work, they are more or less have the same style of photography as mine. I like Little Brown Pen, Sandra Juto, Miel Madhu, Andrea McClain, Hellen Jiang and some other on my FLICKR contact.

What is my editing tool ?

I keep my photography simple and dandy. I like to keep it natural and organic with a very minimal tweak. I use PicMonkey most of the time as my editing tool. I never corp my photography, I make it a habit to have a final shot. I love my Lumix G2 because I can peek the view on my screen directly.

What is my tips on photography?

I have some tips that I keep it with me all the time I am with my camera. I hope they work well for you too.

  1. Keep it as fun
  2. Only photograph when you feel happy or like what you see
  3. Believe in yourself, and be confident on your own style
  4. Go out there and search for inspiration
  5. A lot and a lot of close up
  6. Learn about lighting as much as possible
  7. Keep shooting days and nights, use pocket camera, instagram anything you name it. The more you train your eyes to capture beauty the more they become very sensitive, suddenly everything you see are your object for photography
  8. Observe and observe other works a lot, especially the ones that you like a lot. See how they style their picture, their color composition and their editing style.
  9. Share your works out there, do not keep it on your hard disk. Show them out there, share your happiness and celebrate your achievement with others.
  10. Print them, Frame them have fun with it. I print them and use them for many things too, I even make them into postcard or mini cards collections.
What is my most challenge in my photography journey?

I do not have enough ample time to explore and practice my photography skill. I wish I have more time for my own self to go out there and do more photo walk alone. I am sure there are many pretty things around in Singapore that I can capture. However my duty as a full time stay home mom, do not allow me to do that. I have other responsibilities to do everyday and I don't have car. So Most of the times, I make do with what I have. When I go out for certain awesome place in Singapore, I always carry my Lumix G2. Otherwise I always have my canon pocket camera or my Iphone for my Instagram. 

Blogging is one way for me to practice more with my photography skill. I took almost all pictures that I use on this blog. I want to have 100% original content on my blog, meaning all works are my original work. Currently I still have a balance mix of my curated works and my original content. I think as a blogger, you need to have a good photography sense to help do up your blog.

and lastly :

Good Night!


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