Friday, August 24

Bohemian in heart .....

If you asked me, what is my fashion style preference ... that will be bohemian! For long time I just fall in love with things that is bohemian. I guess, I love the free spirit of it. The natural look of it and all the ethnic and earth tone colors that come with it. Bohemian and vintage go along very well if you notice it. It full of flares in style, accessories here and there and clashing pattern.

It is never intended to be simple and plain, it is very crowded :p, and i love the spirit of it. It seems very laud sometime but then again very comfortable to look at too. I guess it carry certain character to be bohemian, we got to be daring to be one .... hahahahahaha. It is very personal and unique in style. 

You got to check Ms. Sadie collection on pinterest, she calls it My Inner Bohemian. I am always looking forward for her pin for the bohemian picks, and she is really doing it very well. Love love love it.

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