Friday, August 3

Creative People - SWAG!

I am just amaze on how creative people can be. I am also sure people with creative mind are just too busy to let their days run in mundane moods. They are rather producing something that makes them feel happy and benefit others too instead of continuous complain in life. If I have to choose ... I would rather be surrounded by creative people, not only that they bring positive attitude toward solving problem, they are also super awesome peeps. They are happy bunch .... 

Check out this video I found from YouTube, Maybe some of you know Kurt Hugo Schneider, click HERE to read more about him. These are 3 videos from his production, one is the latest video uploaded and the other two are before and after video making. It is awesome to see how they work behind the screen. 

I start early today, I have to go to my daughter's school! So I am a bit rush on this, but I have few post that I would love to share, as it takes more time for me to consolidate the source, I will do that later when I have more time sitting in front of my desktop.

Thank you for reading! Happy Friday all! Cheers.

source: image1, image2 and youtube


  1. Loving these mash-ups! And loving your blog! Xo

  2. Nice blog. Anyway, I found your blog in Blog Hop. I am your new follower. Drop by on my blog and say hello.

  3. Hello gurls! thank you so much for visiting.


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