Thursday, August 23

Dating with water color for the past 2 days

It's all started with one nice finding from my pinterest while I was browsing them 2 days ago, I found this lovely blog of a water color artist : Jennifer Frith from Jenny's Sketchbook . I just love and love her works! They are very inspiring and just beautiful to look at. I then continue my journey of exploring the water color painting by going to the library near home. It was on Wednesday which was yesterday is always our usual schedule of visiting library after my daughter's piano class. I spent the whole one hour browsing some water color painting books while waiting for her to join me, and I found this amazing book.

The author of this book is Heather Smith Jones, click here to visit her blog. I just love this book, not only the whole presentation of the book is so awesome, the cover design and the content are amazing. Heather guides us along with water painting work in a very relax manner, her book is full with illustration that make it so easy to visualize her steps.

On this book I learn more about colors, there are these things called : Split Complementary and Double Split Complementary colors which I have no idea before. Every time I look at an artwork I always try to understand what is the color composition method they are using .... hahahahaha, it sounds freaky but I think that is one way that make me learn about colors. I also found out that using different brushes we can create different lines and outlines on the painting. 

Heather also gives us some awesome ideas of what we can do with our painting work just like the one on the picture now. There are many more ideas inside including how to keep our inspiration journal.

Lastly from the book, the techniques I really want to try on my next art project, dripping, blowing, splattering and squirting paint. Alisa Burke, my teacher for the ode of nature has an awesome video of this technique, she is also one great artist that I found online for water color painting.

watercolor backgrounds from Alisa Burke on Vimeo.

Allright! I wish you all an awesome day today! and It is raining here in Singapore. Cheers!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing my blog, Refine! I'm honored. :) I'm going to have to check out that book myself!


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