Tuesday, August 14

Fabulous Faces - Learning how to draw and shade

Holla! This post is actually written last night just before I go to sleep. However since my Instagram post was in the next line to be posted, so this is hold until NOW {when you read it}. I love the magic of scheduling and rescheduling post almost in every platform of social media today. They helped our life so much easier :p

Oh Well! If you read this post, I just want to update what are the things that is on my plate. Yes! I learn how to draw Fabulous Face from Tamara LaPorte or Willowing ~ the diva of pretty whimsical illustration ~ click HERE to check her blog, and here for her YouTube.

I started this class on 9th of August which is just last week or so. That was the first time I draw the front face look using my pencil. And today is my second trial as I know ONLY practice makes ONE perfect. I have to be honest here ... It is not easy to draw human face especially with shading and stuffs. So on the picture above you can see my first trial and my second trial. THere are so much improvement .... yes?!?!?! :)))

I am not aiming on drawing realistic face, I want some comical and cute ... manga type face. I think this theme is just perfect to enhance my creativity working with my art journaling. So I move forward into the non realistic look .....

Another try, I start to be more comfortable with the shading and proportion of the face. I still draw the helping lines and erase it later on all these drawings. I am sure the more I practice, I will not need all those helping lines anymore.

And finally this .... this is my last attempt from the lesson1. The next lesson will be doing the same things but instead of using pencils only, I will start to use water color and arcylic ... and everything will start to get into shape before I can fly off myself.

Thank you so much Tamara for the wonderful lesson and tutorial you had provided for us.

Good Night everyone .... { pssssttt, don't forget I wrote it last night just before I go to sleep :p }


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