Thursday, August 16

Facebook TimeLine Cover - Free to Download

Hello friends, I made some of these Facebook time line covers FREE for you to download if you like it. They are basically my photography and my digital works. I love doing it ... It takes my mundane days away when I work with pretty pictures and colors.

In order to download them, CLICK HERE, and you can just easily upload them onto your facebook and make them as your facebook cover.

I love to use words and pictures to express what I feel and think for certain moments. They probably do not make sense for you but they definitely do make SO MUCH sense for me .....

My life is very simple and very very ordinary, but I thank everyday of my life, it allows me to see every experience differently. There are so much to be thankful and learn from.

One last time line is from my art journal page. I blog about all my experience with art journal under my journal tag if you are interested to check it out.

Alright! I do hope you like them. Cheers!


  1. these are great! i especially like that last one :) - i've been out of town, thanks for following my blog!

  2. Awesome job! I love them all! I love changing up my cover photo from time to time. SO many people fail to get creative with it, but I think it's just so fun!

  3. I prefer Background no.1 with Quote no.5... hehe.. thanks for share..

    I'm using one this. Check it out

  4. Alice ... Sadie Thank you so much. Retty I had checked your facebook, they look awesome on that. thank you so much


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