Thursday, August 2

Freebies - Desktop Screen and Iphone Screen

Oh! It's August already ... we are another few months before we finish up this year. Time goes so fast, without I know it my daughter has grown up and ready for her next adventure in her school year. I remember when I was a kid, I felt, It was a very long time to wait from morning to another Morning. Today, I feel I don't have enough sleep. At times I don't think I even have time to be sad .... :p 

Everyday I am always busy. I always have something to do, to look for or to be inspired from. Off course, there are times when I am just too lazy and not in the mood to do anything. Sometimes when this thing happened, I let it be, I enjoy the laid-back mood and come back when I think, enough is enough. Yeah, because most of the times, when I spend to much time wondering around and not doing anything, I will end up with a long back-log list to do and to catch up. So Yes! wasting my time can cost me double hours to complete things I suppose to do.

I usually become lazy when Iam sad or depressed. There are many reasons for me to be on those two state of minds. However, when this thing happened to me, I notice it's present and quickly face them straight away. My habit when these bad mood cloud my mind is to take my journal and write down everything. I try to understand, are these moods a real problem that I have to solve or just a temporary emotions. If it is a problem that I need to solve, I will draw out what I suppose to do to solve it. It if is a temporary emotions, I usually end up laughing at it. It is true when I write down things that cloud my mind, I will be able to see it from a different angle. I am an outsider of the mind and see them objectively. That is why a lot of times I can end up laughing at my own moods. I told myself .... "What a silly me to be bothered with these kinds of things!".

When the laugh happened it will sparks a quick positive energy for me. I will then start to play my favorite songs from the radio or simply browsing some pretty stuffs on the internet and continue my days like normal. You can try it, if you want too .... It works well for me.

Okay, please click here to download this desktop screen that I made. I love making desktop screen with some words that will keep me on toes. Everyday I see my computer or my phone screen so it is a very effective reminder for me. I also include the phone screen with the same theme inside the Freebie package. I hope you like it. Don't forget! do let me know when you use them please.

Thank you .... cheers! 

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