Friday, August 31

Happy Teacher's day .....

We had fun for the past one week preparing the teacher's day card. It started with us browsing around the internet to find the inspiration for ideas. We wanted to make something that is cute, easy to carry and nice to display. We thought the teachers might be able to display it in school or bring it to their home. 

So we came up with this idea. It's a paper award badge for the teachers, and we stick them on a long stick so that it can be easily put together with pens and pencils as part of the decoration. We put the ribbon on them too to make them look nice. My daughter colored the whole hearts by herself. We made about 16 of them. She brought about 7 to school to give out to the teachers. She said there are 5 teachers that constantly in charge for her study in Primary 2. And the other extra 2, she will give it to the principle and her primary 1 form teacher. 

The rest of them, she will give it to her extra classes teachers. Her piano, art, kumon, religious class and others. We were working just like a factory or manufacturing workers. I was in charged with the paper flower, ribbon and stick. She was in charged for the decoration part, from cutting them, glue them and color them. It was fun for us to complete it in time. I always love working together with my daughter in a project.

My daughter also made some cards herself. She loves working her copic where she can color and shades the picture nicely. She worked with GIMP as well to fill in the pattern for her card. She starts to learn graphic editing using GIMP, we can not afford photoshop application it is just too expensive. Maybe one day we will buy it for ourselves, in the meantime GIMP is good enough for us. It does the same magic as photoshop. So Yeah! My daughter picked up the skill working with GIMP quite fast, she enjoy working with layers.

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    1. Thank you so much .... I am glad you love this blog. Thank you again :)


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