Monday, August 20

Having a good time at Pasir Ris Park

It's a day to celebrate for the Muslim today, but we decided to hold the celebration until my husband back from his business trip. He is currently not in Singapore for almost a month. We decided to have a nice celebration and home-cook meal at the end of this month when he come back from his trip. So today right after we finished our praying and cleaning up the house a little bit, me and my daughter went to the park for some art projects. 

I hope you enjoy the story and the pictures .... Good Night everyone! And for all my Muslim brothers and sisters who happened to read this blog post .... Id Mubarak! .... until next year Ramadhan!


  1. Your photos are so so great! Xo

  2. Hello Meg ... thank you so very much :)

  3. sounds like a lovely way to spend an afternoon! and i must say that i am so sorry, but i have not sent out your swap gift yet :( i feel horrible, but life has just gotten in the way... i will have it out this week :)

  4. Do not worry! I guess mine is late too reaching you :p. Take your time, all is good.


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