Sunday, August 12

Let's Celebrate - my FIRST art journal

Finally I made it for the first time in my life. I finally kicked the whole things out and start doing it. I dived in and get really messy with all the paintings ..... I have to thank three wonderful ladies that inspire me with the ideas on this piece : Rach,  Effy Wild and off course Jennie Bellie. Jennie Bellie is the first YouTuber that opens my eyes to the beauty of art journaling. She is very inspiring and very helpful, she shares many tips with us. Check out her video if you are a beginner like me.

I mix different kinds of media here for this piece, one of the main portions I use here are from the digital work that I had tweaked a little bit on my GIMP and print it using 250 gm A4 size paper. I cut them out and use it as my pasted works here.

I used oil pastel, gesso, oil pastel crayons, stamps, permanent white and black marker, pencils to help me with the outline, and that is all basically. I enjoyed the process so much. I keep adding and adding details as I know details matters ..... Layer by layer I work it out through until the finish. I am quite happy with my FIRST trial .... I hope you like it too.

and .... i prepare this video to celebrate this beginning .... cheers

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  1. This is SUPER cool, I would never have the patience for that! Love your blog, newest follower :)



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