Wednesday, August 22

my Colors Preference

Hello everyone! I am going to be slow on blogging and some other fun stuffs at the social media. I have a lot  of things to catch up here and there. This week and next week are the tests period for my daughter at school, therefore her school is always be my TOP priority and everything else can wait.

On top of my schedule to help my daughter with her school, I do some hobbies as you might know it so well. I just love photography and recently into drawing and art journaling as well. I am taking some online classes to know more about it. All the buttons for my classes are on your left hand side bar. You can just easily click on them to bring you right to the classes information online.

I learn about colors from my Color 101 Class by Joanne Sharpe. On one of her awesome videos, she mentioned, we do not need to work with all the colors. She suggest us to choose some and be comfortable with them. They will become our color signature or our own color palettes. From there on I have been exploring colors and inspiration to find and create my own palettes.

These are some of my favorite colors! I need to go out there and look for these colors palettes to complete my painting tubes and bottles at home. I have been working on my art with what ever source I have at home, and I realize quality bring result on the color reproduction on the canvas or media we are working with. So, I really have to manage my budget and allocate some funds to purchase some of these colors paints.
All the pictures are from Pinterest and link all the way back to Photo Card Boutique


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