Monday, August 13

my Instagram for the week

I took many photos for the past one week because, It was Singapore's National Day and we went to watch the National Day Parade Preview at Marina Bay. Click Here to find out more about it. We went to Marina Bay twice on that week, the earlier visit was to watch the Broadway Show Annie at the Sand Theater there. We also went to Harry Potter and Andy Wharhol exhibition at the Art Science Museum as well. We hardly go to town, so when we went up there we really maximize our time.

There are few shots that I took from home and the park behind my house too and just some random shots along the way that I see pretty and cute. Oh! And my daughter acted as Snow White for her school's character parade. We bought this Snow White dress when we were in Disney Euro in Paris. 

I learned how to draw human face from the internet, I learned it from HERE, click to find out more. Me and my daughter have fun playing with our art works at home because it is school holiday for her. 

Oh Well! I hope you had a good weekend too just like us. Cheers!


  1. Beautiful photos! Looks like you had a lot of fun :)
    (via Effy's Swoon)

  2. Hi Effy ... Zoe, thank you so much for checking it out. cheers!

  3. awesome! my favorite picture is in the top left corner of the last group of photos. good idea to collect them all in one place :)


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