Sunday, August 26

my Instagram for the week ....

Just a little update from here for what is happening for the past one week. It was a long holiday for my daughter's school and that means we have more fun time together to do at home. Here are some of the things we do, we spent time at the park and do art and craft. We cycle to the beach near home while enjoying the view and have our lunch there. We really love our home, Pasir Ris! We spent time at the library too, browsing some awesome books for water painting.

I spent a lot of times on my working desk trying to nail down my drawing skill, i really want to draw character with a nice shading and stuff. I thought it was easy, it is not ... I am still struggling to get it correct. Shading the nose and rosy cheek are the most difficult task for me to handle. I have some digi prints that I collage my self to be used for my journal.

Keep on trying and never giving up until I got it right somehow. I also fall in love with the beauty of water painting. Me and my daughter love watching the Japanese animation, and we notice a lot of the painting works are water color base. I love to see how beautiful the fairies pictures are on water painting as well. When we were in Europe especially in Venice and Florence, we saw so many water color artists working on the open area, they are just beautiful to look at.

We did go out too exploring shops and do some awesome window shopping. We love art and craft shops, therefore when we go out, we usually go to the art and craft shop or stationary shop. Our favorite shop are Paper Market, Mycraftsplace, ArtFriend, Cat Socrates, Spotlight and off course IKEA. We just love exploring the pretty colors and patterns.

Alright! in 2 more days, Hubby will be coming back ... we are looking forward to have him back with us ...

Cheers everyone!

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