Sunday, August 5

{our} journal progress for the week :)

I did not do much for this journal last week! I have things to make for my pen friends, Yes! again we are exchanging our handmade gift around the planet. Stay tuned for this! So the journal has been in my daughter's hand for the past one week. She just loves doing her journal before she goes to bed. It is always a motivation for her to do up her school works and all her other daily works faster so she has more time to update this journal. 

We discussed a lot about her piano lesson, last week! And this probably what inspired our journal for the week. We discussed how this can be tough to handle at times for her and for me at the same time. Regular practice and discipline are required from her everyday to tackle the piano lessons. So she journaled all about that here at our journal.

Everyday, after school she sits down and writes her happy story for the day and put them inside this envelopes. She said ... one day when I am sad, I can go back and read all these happy stories I had collected. 

I hope you like what we {well my daughter mostly} had done for the past one week for our journal. And before I end this post, I would like to share a video I found in YouTube by Yuna. She is from Malaysia, but she lives in US for many years. I love her aspiration toward life, her music, her song, her lyrics, and especially her style .... i hope you like her musics too. She was in Anthropologie's store the other day singing, click HERE to read about it. and click HERE to read more about Yuna.

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  1. What a cute cute journal!! Loving your blog :-) Xo!


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