Wednesday, August 29

Our workshop

It is official now that my daughter has her own space to work together with me in one room. She has her own study room up-stair at her own bedroom, however she prefers to study near me. I think that is a great idea because I can continue doing my things while monitoring her study. So we finally made up our mind to revamp the guess room into something new. We do not have guess room anymore :(, oh well we hardly have guess to stay over with us anyway so it is not a big deal. They can still sleep on the sofa bed at the TV room just in case we have guess who come over to stay with us.

We sit back to back from each other. This is just a perfect arrangement for us, we can work on our own art project at our own table. This arrangement allows us to have more space to work on our own while sharing the materials. My daughter understands completely that I want this room to be neat and tidy every time we complete the day, in other words, everything must back to the place before we go to sleep. It is very difficult to keep wasting our times looking for things that are misplaced. So we agree to put everything back to it's place once we finish using them. 

She loves her new IKEA table even it is not a perfect table, a bit shaky at times, Hubby is going to fix it for us over the weekend. She loves working with poster colors which I don't, I prefer to work with acrylics. She said she is going to decoupage the small cabinet where she keeps all her markers. She loves working with her copic, she has been collecting few colors that can help her work with shading.

I work with many other media, such as water soluble pastel, wax crayons, chalks, water colors paint, acrylics, marker, pencil colors, inks, paints etc etc. This is one shelf where we keep all our media on top some others that lie around our tables. They are precious, we collect them bit by bit for sometimes now. Every time we learn that each brands produce different qualities on the output. I would suggest to go for a good brand to get a nice vibrant colors to satisfy our need to be creative. Quality is always the way to go ....

She loves keeping and displaying her personal things. It's all good for us, let her be free expressing herself and be comfortable with her working area. She make it really to her own taste and liking. We also glad that we share the same taste of music, therefore every time we play a nice sweet music as the background from my desktop while we are working.

Oh well! one more thing had been checked out from my list of things to do .... LIFE is good when you keep checking out things you said to yourself you are going to do it. To me, that means progress ..... cheers everyone.


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