Monday, August 27

The Big Questions: What makes me come alive

I got this question from Kelly Rae's blog, click here to read about it, and that question lead me to my own thinking about the answer. I would like to start thing in a very simple way always, every day in my morning. For me simplicity is always the best recipe to kick out the day, it boost my smile and make everything in life become very light to handle.

So what makes me come alive:
  1. Coffee and a good Jazz music in the morning that help me kick the mood for the day.
  2. Clean and Organized home ... where everything is sparkling and at it's own place.
  3. Open space especially the beach
  4. Good fresh air in the morning when I open up my window
  5. Beautiful fresh flowers
  6. Good aroma of perfume
  7. Vintage shop
  8. Beautiful photography
  9. Pretty colors and pattern
  10. Coca-cola
Off course there are others big serious things that always keep me alive, just like when me and my husband talk about our life. We love to talk about our vision, how we are going to live our life when we are old, my husband is very careful with his financial saving, therefore at times we have a good talk about our plan for old days with our saving.

We also love to talk about our one and only daughter, we discuss about her education our aspiration about life for her and also our worry about what life might come to her one day. We always keep reminding each other that It is not fair to burden our daughter with our problem one day, therefore it is back to our current financial saving. We both agree that her education is very crucial and important, it is the platform that will help her soar on her own one day.

I also love the time when me and my daughter do our project together or going out for shopping together. I enjoy her company where we can discuss about the things we love, we have a lot of similarities when come to hobbies therefore our discussion is always rich. I also love to have a serious discussion about life in general with her. I love to talk what is life outside school especially when she grow up one day. I even discuss about how important it is to find the right partner for life. I reminds her to take her time carefully before she decides to tie a knot one day. I just love to talk about life with her ... there are so many examples for good or for bad that we can discuss from our everyday life. 

I also love to learn new things. Something beyond my imagination. Something outside my comfort zone. Something that crack my head .... I like to push my self further, make my self feel very uncomfortable and stay put to get it done. I think having a right amount of stress for the right reason is a good practice in life. It keep me on my toes and look forward for the day after today. It keep me alert and excite me to make plan for my days. So Yes! I love to learn something very very NEW .... 

I do love exploring internet for good source of inspiration and lesson about life in general. I love the topic around education, art and creativity as well as social media. I love discovering a new site that full of inspiring things about life or ideas. I love meeting great personalities on the internet and learn about things from them. I love to mingle around with people from the same minded to discuss about things and issues in general. I do HOWEVER be very selective on following things on the internet. I avoid negative environment because there is no good out of it at the end. It make me depress for no reasons and add no value to my life. I choose to be positive in life as well as virtually.

Oh well! I wrote long about it at the end. I hope you enjoy reading them. Cheers all! And I am really sorry for my English. It is below acceptable range .... :p


  1. Hola Refine! What a beautiful post! Thanks for sharing! Don't be hard on yourself...your English is just fine!

    ~SimplyyMayra ;)

  2. Mayra ... thank you so much!!! Cheers dear!


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