Tuesday, August 7

une petite Paris in Singapore

I always LOVE Paris inspired photography in many ways. I think because they are vintage and elegance. I always think of Paris as feminine, the colors, the fashion, the buildings, the coiffure, the street, the arts and many more things from there.

Last Sunday, after finished watching Annie, the children broadway show at Marina Bay, me and my daughter took a walk around the place. We hardly go to the city, it's too far for us to get there by public transport. We rather roam around our town Pasir Ris in the east of Singapore. That is why every time I go to the city, I will always carry my Lumix with me. And yesterday we found "Au Chocolat".

It's a candies store I believe as well as cakes and pastries. It has a dine-in spot too right in the corner where we can sit down, order the drink and the pastries. I don't know whether it is a franchise store or a totally brand new store opens in Singapore. BUT what i know, it is totally French Inspired. The colors, the decor even the song that they keep playing in the back ground. Click here for the site and here for their Facebook.

We had to wait for a bit to have a nice stop here for our break-fasting. The price is not cheap for our standard, so we can only afford for drinks and cupcakes. 

But I am so glad, the staffs are really nice, they gave Miza a balloon and allowed me to roam around and taking pictures from the shop. I really thank you for that. When we are on a tight budget, photography is really a good remedy to distract myself of being depressed of not being able to buy LOL.

Their cupcakes are amazing, you got to see them yourself. Each of them have pretty design and color, on top of the fabulous taste. We really enjoyed these two selections that we have.

Oh Well! If you happened to be at Marina Bay Sand, Singapore, don't forget to check them out. Cheers!

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