Sunday, September 9

A little celebration - Aid Mubarak

This weekend is a busy days for us. We had few places to visit for Hari Raya celebration { aid mubaraka }. I followed hubby most of the times as my family is not here in Singapore. So much good food and laughter as well as catching up with friends. There were so much we talked about since the last time we met a year ago. Time flies ....

The table where we sit for the celebration - there are about 14 tables all together. It was an amazing at Temasek Club, we had some traditional performance too as well as traditional dances, and not forgetting the food.

These are few pictures that I took here and there with my Lumix G2. I am using my lense F 1.7 lense.

And as usual I edited them using PicMonkey. I am still keeping my photography hobby under the lowest budget in term of camera as well as the editing tool. I will only get a serious tool like DSLR camera and photoshop once I am very comfortable with these low budget I have first.

I always LOVE cakes ... Yes! cakes and cakes and more cakes from one place to another place ..... Chocolate taste will always be my preferences.

This BOKEH ... is shot by my daughter! I am impressed with her shot. She really got the idea of BOKEH correctly. Well done my darling! 

Alright! Tomorrow my life will back to normal, my daughter will be going back to school and I will have few extra hours to do my hobby as well as my duty as the HOMEMAKER! Life is good and I am feeling good.

Pardon my writing, I am mumbling a lot here as I am very tired .... now I am so ready to have a good sleep and rest.

Good night all!


  1. Love this post! That first photo is my favorite! :-)

  2. Thank you Meg, you are so kind always! cheers!


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