Thursday, September 13

my ART journal - CONVINCE

I did this yesterday morning! It is always good to spend 30 minutes or so on my morning to do some little creative work. For me, it is kind of a mind exercising where I connect what I see in life to my own understanding of it. It is somewhat a kind of mind processing to understand the situation better and come out of it with something I learn from it. In other words, it is a process to judge or to make decision of something for me. We can be overwhelm by everything around us, especially so with the internet technology. Social media is one of the culprit too. Can you imagine within one hour of spending our time in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Bloglovin, Instagram, Pinterest etc etc etc .... how much we can absorb from it? be it in the form of status, comments, pictures, quotes, tutorial and bla bla bla. I think it is enough to explode our brain if we are not careful with it. 

There are just too many information floating around, some of them are too GOOD to miss and some of them are just not worth of a click, and not to mention the social engagement that bound us to hook on it even longer. That is why I am always careful with my time management when come to Internet world. I had cut down a lot, I even let go most of online games. I also never start to join up on any social chatting activities on the online media. I hardly go inside my Instagram anymore you read about it on my previous post yesterday. Click here if you miss it. I do pick and choose of what I want to see on my feed, I have no choice but to do this. It is not social mingling that I am looking for out of this Internet world. It is the inspiration, ideas and aspiration that I keep seeking out of it. 

I want to stay interested with what is going on in the world today in a very POSITIVE way. I am a mother, I have a daughter to raise, staying positive is a key word. I need to aspire her with positive energy and enthusiasm to face the challenge the world has to over to her. I want to build her confidence and strength. Therefore I have no other choice but to stay positive as much as possible. I believe in role modeling when come to parenting. I believe what we model our child that what our child will pick up one day. 

Yesterday, I made this on my art journal. the word : CONVINCE. In the internet world there are so many things that seem very convincing. It could be a politician speech, a status done by someone, an advertisement or even a comment from someone on our own post. They seems very convincing and very strong. That is why I see unnecessary arguments over the Internet. Or even some douchebags who keep complaining non-stop on any giving social issues or things that is happening today in a very convincing way. Some trigger our emotion to be angry, to be sad or to be demotivated or what ever emotion it can bring. If we are not careful, we can ruin our days letting these negative emotions flow into our mind. That can be very damaging. That is why I believe strongly we NEED to manage our social media interactions and activities properly. We should be smart on managing our time and our option. Otherwise we can be OVERLOADED for unnecessary things.

Moving on to my art work, I tweak a bit on my art work by adding a bit of digital work and voila ..... i made this as a card on photo size. I will start this habit of combining my mix media work with my digital work and make them onto a card. Once they are digital, there are so much things I can do with them, the option is unlimited. I can make cards, calendar, books, book mark etc etc. This is my first combined mix media art and digital work.

Over here, I conclude the whole thinking process out. I typed here  .....

"The trick is we should convince it to ourselves FIRST before even bother to try it to others"

When things sound very convincing in front of me, I will pause and ask it myself, If I were this person and I take the words said by this person and bring it to that person to believe it, would I believe it? or would I do as what this person said? or would I be angry as what this person said? who is this person? what is the background and what is the state of this person now? what is the credibility behind it? in what capacity this person can put this argument and list goes on and on. 

And in the internet world, the life is tough! You can easily gain TRUST and lost it exactly at the same time. we are all just one click away. 

Alright! I wish all of us for wisdom to survive in this digital world we call internet. I wish you to strive well in what ever capacity you have contributed onto this internet world, be it as a blogger, an activist, an online tutor, an online seller, a commentator, a douchebag, a spirit healing, a dreamer, an online avengers etc.

Happy Thursday! Cheers

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  1. Wonderful page, Refine! Love the quote... A good reminder to stay geniune about our beliefs!


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