Tuesday, September 25

my ART Journal - a lulaby

I have been so busy that I don't have much time to be online. When I come online I will be just snapping things around, looking for things that capture my attention, digging them a little bit further to get the understanding behind it and off I go. Things in life go by priority, I don't think we can cramp our self with too many priorities at one time, we will just be tumbling apart instead of getting anything done in time. I always do self reminder regularly, believe me! I even set them on my iPhone reminder ..... "Remember your priority, move your as* and get it done!" ... Yeap! That is what I wrote on my phone reminder. Life is tough even more for a housewife, we run on auto mode most of the time. We self motivate our self, self plan, self priority, self target and all the self services ....

Life is a matter of following every actions we take, especially so as an adult. We are responsible to answer each of our doing, for good or bad, even when nobody is watching, I think we entitle to have a good explanation to our own self. I believe some of us are busy talking to our own self in muted voice a lot of times. For me that is a good sign! It means we constantly checking our choices in life and making  agood judgement and senses for the things around us. What we value the most in life will guide us to make all those decisions. Understanding life as a process and there is no end to it ... I am not sure when we die one day, would it be eventually end? our busy and curious mind, would it be stop?

I did this journal one night ago! Trust me, I have list of things I want to do for my art, but that just have to wait on my list things to do as I have other sit on the priority. I am currently busy gearing up my daughter to appreciate her time table. I need to be there 100% for her to understand what is the meaning of time in life. I want her to eventually pick up the habit by herself, and to understand what is the meaning of procrastination, priority in life, deadline and making decision/ choices for her own action. Sometimes I have to sit next to her reading my book while she is working on her school work to help instill this habit. I think my presence somehow give her a good motivation. She loves it, she demands for it ... as one of her main motivator I have no choice but to drop everything else I do and be presence for her.

So Yeah I did this journal one night ago when everything is quite. Once all my duties are done and my daughter is sleep. I have my iTune radio on when I did this journal. It was the Adore Jazz streaming - the best in vocal Jazz. And it was Frank Sinatra singing Sleep Warm. It is a beautiful melody, I remember my dad used to play this when I was kid while we are all on our bed waiting to go to sleep.

It's a gloomy morning here in Singapore. We just had rain in the morning, It's kind of cloudy up there, but I am sure It will pick up the bright sunny day later and we will embrace the hot afternoon as usual. The weather here is quite unpredictable, and I have to go out the house soon meet up hubby and do some errand before my routines start again once my daughter back from school.

I wish you an awesome day! Cheers

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