Tuesday, September 11

my Drawing - Fabulous Faces Series

Good morning! This time I want to share my drawing, my sketch, my illustration or what ever you might call it. I am still learning, and I have not given up as yet. Yes! They can be very challenging for me to master it. There are so much that I need to pick up, draw them, color them, shade them and be creative with them. Sometimes, when I am too busy or just too tired, I do not have any mood to kick start any creative project for the day. So I just let it loose, I have other responsibility to carry on. That is why I take creativity and art as my hobby. 

For the past few weeks I had been trying to learn to draw female faces, I took my online class from Tamara, click here to read about it. I had moved on since that post on my blog. I had tried few more attempts to draw the pretty faces :p, according to me ..... and here are few of them.

I want to make another four of them and I can start binding them and make it as one of my illustration book. Working with creative really take a lot of gut and confidence. Sometimes you just feel something is not right with the work, maybe the color you had chosen, the composition of the design etc. This can bring the mood down .... that is why a lot of artists blogger that I follow online keep reminding us ... KEEP CREATING! ... I admire some of them that give few hours or even one hour of a day just to sit down and create something.

I agree it is not the result that matter the most. It is the PROCESS ... embracing our creative process and expressing ourselves that matter. It is between our hands and our mind that works together to create one personal piece that carry a story for that particular moment. Take my daughter for example, she is very productive, she can work on her art pieces almost every night before she goes to sleep ... she keeps reminding me ... "Mummy draw another girl for me please ... !" ... she is such a darling and she is one of my biggest motivator on my creative life. Looking at her, I can see clearly it is not the result that she wait during the process of creating. It is the process itself that keep her enthusiastic, she loves to explore different way of drawing. Sometimes she can take up so much of our art resources too ... :p. I don't stop her, I understand working with art can be costly at times, the materials we use can be such a daring to our pocket money hahahahahahaa.

Okay! This is it for now ... I need to go back to real life and do my daily duty before my little darling come home from school. Happy Tuesday all! Cheers!


  1. Gorgeous work of art! I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the drawings! Wow!


  2. Mayra thank you so much dear friend .... thank you for the encouragement

  3. they're beautiful, Refine! love your dreamy portraits. and you are totally right. It is the process that matters!

  4. Thank you Jenny ... I know everyday I keep learning!

  5. Such wonderful works!! :) :)
    I especially love their face expressions, there is so much they're telling us through their eyes. Love it! :)

    Love, Yoojin


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