Friday, September 7

my ETSY finding ... WYANNE

click HERE for WYANNE's blog

She is the mix media queen! I love to see her work process, not only her colors are great, pleasant and bring happiness to see, and i also love her technique of using masking fluid and beeswax. I think these are the secret of having clear vibrant colors on every piece of her works.

Have a look of some of her works on ETSY, click HERE for her link on ETSY.

another one here ..... I love this piece a lot! And she has the video on Youtube on this piece, I post the video here too :-)

I love to pay attention on where she apply her masking fluid and recolor them afterwards! It is just fun to watch her working hands.

another awesome video from her YouTube channel. I love the way she makes her video too. Total awesome video presentation. Thank you so much WYANNE to share the beauty of your works and creatives with all of us. God Bless you!

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  1. Thanks for linking this up. I can't wait to watch those videos :)



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