Monday, September 3

my FLICKR favorite for the week

Hello There, It has been busy days for us here especially so today is the first day for my daughter term 3 school break. Her school break means FUN for us, we have chance to do more things together during the day. We just came back from her Kumon's class and a little bit window shopping adventure to the a shopping center near home. We had a good lunch and a little bit of shopping to do.

Oh well! It has been a while I did not really go into my FLICKR account and hunt for beautiful and awesome photos. Just now, I had a chance to go inside and dive onto pretty pictures out there. It is always a bliss moment for me to see beautiful and sweet photograph all over FLICK. Here are some of my pick, hope you like them just like I do.

Below is the link list for all these awesome pictures from above

1. Hibiskus, 2. Follow..., 3. Tumbling Dice, 4. Day 83 of 90, 5. Good morning! Buongiorno!, 6. Someday..., 7. tail of the grassy plain 026, 8. the break, 9. Monterosso, 10. Untitled, 11. handy dandy jars..., 12. secret garden necklaces in progress, 13. Studio : Sewing Machine, 14. A spring gathering, 15. flowers, 16. Pink Studio

the next one will be the following group of pictures:

These are the links to bring you back to each of these awesome pictures:

1. On the patio table, 2. weekend, 3. Untitled, 4. Nearly every color of the rainbow!, 5. with berry confiture., 6. just playing with photos..., 7. Stopping for coffee, 8. Exceedingly Good Cakes ..., 9. Bay leaves and lavender, 10. Coffee break, 11. The boat that I row, 12. my lovelly shells., 13. Funky Flowers and an Owl, 14. kid's stuff,fruits,dishes., 15. Cool flowers, 16. hotties

and I found this gorgeous collections of soft pastel pictures by Marie Desiree Cruz, click HERE to see her photostream. She took wonderful pictures with bokeh effect, they are her origami works. Amazing shots, i love each one of them.

Alright! I hope you enjoy my findings ... till later! cheers all ......


  1. I LOVE those origami shots!! :) :) So magical! Thanks for sharing them!
    Best wishes, Yoojin


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