Wednesday, September 12

My Instagram for the {few} week

Holla! where am I now with Instagram? I can tell you I am lost! I am totally out of track on my Instagram, the only thing I do with it is keep posting and hardly even be inside there anymore. I know I am bad, but I just got to do it. First thing First, and unfortunately, Instagram is not the FIRST on the list, or maybe not even on the top 10 of my list. So ... What ever will be will be with my Instagram, que sera sera :p.

Okay! Let's have some momentum recording of what are the things I posted on my Instagram for the past few weeks. It started with two post of my water color sketch. I am inspired so much by Jenny from Jenny Sketchbook, click here to visit her blog, as well as Karenika, click here to visit her blog. These two ladies are amazing with their consistent work on their water color. I love to see their post pop up on my pinterest or bloglovin. 

The second lot of batch of Instagram pictures are my over{Haul} .... the things that I bought. I bought  few polyester thread spun from Spotlight, look at those colors, they are just amazing gradation of colors. The next one is some omiyage {gifts} that Hubby bought for me from Taiwan. Those are water color pencil, sketching pencils, some vintage papers, stickers and a tin box. I love each one of them, I hope he goes to Taiwan more so he can get more of these things for me :p. According to him, things in Taiwan are way much cheaper compare to things I bought here in Singapore. The next one is some stack of embelishment or trinkets for Scrapbooking. I love all those pretty butterflies on that set, they were on sale for 50%. And last one are some acrylics paint from Folkart. They are actually for clothes washed I guess, but I just love these colors. They are muted and very whimsy .... Love them.

Last batch are the places that I went last few weeks. We went to the grand opening of the newly renovated Malay Heritage. The last time we went there was two years ago, It was quite a good refreshing for us to admire the new things inside the museum, and it was FREE that time. We actually did go to Asian Civilization Museum as well for the Agakhan Exhibition but my iPhone battery was flat so I did not take any picture from that visit. We did go to a newly opened Indonesian Restaurant at Rendezvous Hotel around Dhoby Ghout too, if you see the jars with spices on it, that was shot from the restaurant. The name is Seribu Sari which means Thousand of Spices. We went to Marina Bay Financial Center as well, to refinance our home mortgage, we try to cut is short as much as possible so we can be free from home loan very soon. Those two bulls remind me of the one in wall street. Me and my daughter went out for our desert date during school holiday which was last week. We went to Fruit Paradise to try out our favorite desert .... the fruit pies. 

Okay, it seems we achieved quite a lot! Hahahahaha, trust me we hardly go out far. We do not have car, taking public transport can consume a long period of hours sitting inside the public transport from one place to another place. Most of the times, we keep our traveling within the city pretty simple. We only go out far when we have a very good reason for it, otherwise we will just hang around our neighborhood. We live in Pasir Ris, to me this is one the most awesome place in Singapore, we got all we need to have a decent quality of life including the beach which is only walking distance from our home.

Now, I need to go back to real life. Today I have to go to my daughter's school, there is a book bazar and I need to get some books for her. Until later, thank you for stopping by and reading my blog. I really do appreciate that. Cheers!

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