Saturday, September 15

my Read for the week - Why People Fail by Siimon Reynolds

Yesterday while walking to the train station my daughter asked me this .... "What type of book do you like to read?". Her question make me pause a bit, I was not so sure to answer her. It is true for the past one year I had tried to change my reading preference. I want to try something different. 

For many many years I like self improvement books, motivation books and all this stuff of books. Until I am up to the point where I see those books speak almost the same thing over and over again .... :p. Then I start to read parenting books, many of them since I become mother, but at the end I end up struggling with the value. Most of the parenting books I read are written by the writers from the west. It is not easy to find ones from Asia, even few writers I found, they are Asian but they grew up in the states. Again, Yes! I understand what they are trying to say, and a lot of its are very good, but it might not be applicable for us here in Asia. There are certain values that we carry differently and that what makes us having different cultures and way of seeing life in general. And don't get me wrong, there is nothing right or wrong about it or better or worse about it, we are just different, the society that make us up are different, the life we are living are different,  the climate we face are different and many many different set up between east and west. therefore how we raise our children  might be different. So I stop for a while with parenting books.

Then I force myself to try something really different. Reading fictions, novels and all those books on this line. It's not easy, it's a bit struggling ... i guess I am so used to dry language so It is not easy to switch to something more flowery in writing. I have to be honest, I am struggling with this. My friend over me few of her books to read, I remember it was a book picked by Oprah on her book club, from the 3 books she passed me I enjoyed only one. I enjoyed that book, because it was fast, the story moved fast and the language are pretty simple to digest. I picked up bunch of novels from the library and end up returning them without even reading them. I just struggle myself with novels and stuffs, I guess i prefer to watch movie instead. So I stop for a bit ... I read less and less.

When i borrow books I mostly browse them for ideas and inspirations .... flip flip flip and takes notes and that is it ....

But my daughter question's yesterday struck me! It made me think! Why I am making it so hard for myself. Why I am trying to read something different that I know I will not enjoy it to begin with. Can't I just be honest with myself even in term of my book preferences. So ... heck all that! Let me go back home to the root that I was before. Read the things that I enjoy the most, things that keep me uplifting and spark positive energy to my everyday life.

So here I am ... go back to my original root of reading ... Self Motivation book, Inspiration book, Self Improvement book what ever we might call It. This is the book I picked up from the library yesterday. One book a week, and I am happy with that. 

I write too long here .... I start to pick up the comfort on writing, I guess, it's because I am keeping my blog post almost every alternate days that boost the agility of  my writing :p

Anyway! I found this video from YouTube that somehow give us an idea of this book all about. I love 7 Habits so much, I think I read the book 5 times in my life ... and this book speak within the same context as 7 Habits, I am sure I will enjoy it.

Happy weekend all!

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