Thursday, September 20

Spring Colors 2013

These are the colors for spring 2013, click here to read more about it.I love that poppy red and monaco blue. I think the colors are pretty consistent since the beginning of this year. I see similar colors here and there, I love to see all these colors that keep popping up on my Pinterest

This is a cool color wheel that I can use as my guidance to combine colors. 

This is another color swatch that can help us see the colors within the family. That is one of the reason I blog this, I can easily come back here and get my reference every time I need to refer on some colors ideas and inspirations.

Another cool things are I found awesome video from Pantone Blog,  that talk about this colors combination, and names for Spring 2013. I hope these videos bring some good things for you just like they do to me.

Okay! Happy Thursday all - today I need to get my heavy duty acrylic so I can start up my Funky Flower project. I am taking online class run by Brave Girl Art School, click here to find out more about it. And I can sure you, on this class, these are some of the recommended colors to use. This is a video from YouTube that talk about my class. I will talk more about this class, as I had completed my project. This is one of the BEST class I attend. Melody Ross really works hard to pull the content of this class.  I am excited, ready to start work with big canvas! Wish me Luck ... cheers everyone, thank you for reading my blog.

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