Saturday, September 8

Starting up my Project Life

I finally started out my project life. This is one way I keep family album in hard cover. I will focus on our family holiday for our project life and some important event in our life. I will not do 365 days project. It is a big commitment for me to start up the 365 days project, I have many things to keep up everyday, maybe one day I can. So for the meantime I focus on our holiday first.

I got my project life kit from Scraplicious in Singapore. I have many ideas from this kit alone for things that I can do it myself and use them. I do not think I will buy anymore kits on top of this one. There are so many available resources out there for FREE download. As for me, once I have the template for this set I can easily design them myself. I will probably go digital on my project life for photography and print them out to keep it here, I will see .... Because I love to keep some personal collections that we pick up along the way, not just our photographs alone.

I love Amber Edition, because of the design and the color tone. I bought my set kit from Becky Higgins, click here to find out more about project life. There is her blog too, click here. Last night I started out few pages, I still have a lot more to go. I started out with our recent holiday to Europe then follows by our other holiday .... New Zealand, Honkong, Japan etc.

I made a mistake here, I need to correct it, I got confused with the number of days we spent in Europe with the days we spent in New Zealand. For Europe it should be 21 days NOT 15 days. I will ask my daughter to write the cards here in the future, she has a nice handwriting compare to me, beside it is FUN to work on this project together. If you notice we keep the map of the city of ROME, I easily fold it and slide it onto one of the pocket.

We also kept our gelato's spoon from vatican city, I pasted it on one of the card. There will be many more personal collections that I will keep on this project life album. I have 3 boxes of them waiting for me to work with them.

Oh well! These are just few kick start pages, I have many more to go ... I try to do it once or twice a week. I will blog them under this category, click HERE. Alright! I am ready for our things to do this weekend, one of them is sorting out my inventory for the project life ..... Happy weekend all!


  1. Oh that's so cool with project life! Love this idea and love to look at your designed pages! :) They're wonderful! :D

    This month I'm also going to write about how I organize our travels. I was thinking about using project life, but didn't. ;) But it's such a coincidence we're starting almost at the same time blogging about our travel journals. :)

    Love, Yoojin

  2. Hi Refine!

    You're so creative, I love your blog! Thank you for visiting mine earlier, I really appreciate it. I'm following you now and look forward to reading more :)

    Lauren @

    1. Hi Style,thank you so much ... see you around.


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