Monday, September 10

SWAP with friends - YaY!!!!

I have owed this post to few special friends who kind enough to spare their times to make something special for me. They are really beautiful and I never stop thanking them for the effort they had put onto this SWAP packages around the world. Let me Introduce them one by one and how I met them on the internet.

The first one is from Germany, it is from Yoo Jin. She is wonderful, she really keeps me update with her gift and I am so bad of sending hers so late. The gift from Yoo Jin are very special, all of them are hand made. She is great with detail and all the small tiny things I am sure. She made her own stamps and stuffs. The picture above are all the gifts from her. She has a blog too, click HERE to visit her blog. In fact she blogged the gift she had received from me, to read about it, click here.

The next one is from Dina. She is from Jakarta, Indonesia. I met her in Instagram, her account in Instagram, click here. She is one crafty lady I met on Instagram. She has beautiful collections of scrap booking items, and from her package I can easily predict she has awesome collections of washi tapes. Her tapes are just beautiful. I love the post card that she gave me with the word .... Life is too short to drink bad coffee. Dina knows it well, I can not live without a good coffee, cappuccino to be precise ... :p

The last gift is from Ruth. She is from Texas, USA. I met ruth from Instagram, click here to visit her account. I fall in love with her Instagram because of her handwriting. Just look at them, she craft it very well. I just love to see how creative she can be. I remember she post something on Instagram .... Does anyone want to be my penfriend? .... i thought that was very cute of her posting that. Automatically I could not resist but asking her to allow me to be one, and we start exchanging.

I hope we don't stop here. Now it is my turn to return their favor .... It is wonderful to share our passion with friends ... LIFE is beautiful when we give and take. Thank you friends ... I love you all.

Alright , Now I am back to my reality, Lunch time soon. Happy Monday all!

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  1. Dear lovely Refine, thanks for the wonderful post! :) :) And thanks again for the swap, it was so fun! Hope to stay in touch!

    Btw, have you tried to make the little origami books based on the video I sent you? :)

    Love, Yoojin


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