Tuesday, September 4

Washi Tapes - my top list of swooniest!

Who does not know them? They are super cute and adorable to look at and to work with. There are many things we can do with them. I am sure this is originally from Japan by knowing the name of it - washi -. There are many varieties of them out there in the market online or offline. They are not CHEAP, that is why I am so glad to find these bunch of tutorials on line on how to DIY our own washi tapes. Hope you will like these videos too and found them very useful.

Before I do that .... let's have a look what are the things we can do with washi tapes.

Image Source, click HERE

and this as well 

Image Source, click HERE

Let's see what is washi tapes all about on this video

and these are few of the awesome videos I found from YouTube on how to make them yourself.

Allright! Happy Tuesday all! Cheers


  1. i LOVE Washi Tape. I purchased my first few rolls about a month ago and fell head over heels. Totally addicting. Thanks for sharing the videos! :)

  2. Jenny ... I know! I saw it on your sketch journal :-)


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