Sunday, October 28

Book, Currently Reading - The Hunger Games

I have not watched the MOVIE ... But I picked up the book as I got it recommended by polandbananaBooks on her YouTube. If you have not watched her books review, check out the video below.

She is not the only one that inspire me ... there are few other people I saw on the train and at the taxi stand that were so engrossed onto the books. They were basically ignoring the whole things around them and glued their eyes onto the books. "This book must be amazing!", I said to myself few times when I saw them.

And ... Ladies & Gentlemen ... it's so true enough! I am only on the 1st book, I start reading it today, and I have to tell you this. I could not put down the book. It's so fast moving and so awesome. Bare in my mind I have not watched the movie .... I just hit YouTube five minutes ago just for the sake of  having a good look how Katniss looks like. I probably will watch the movie when I finish the whole series. Based on the movie review, it seems the BOOKS are far better than the movie. 

I am only on the first book which is going to be finishing up soon. I am still far from the conclusion of the story, so if you want to have a good review of the book, click here.

I can't wait to read what happened in the end. I am also curious to find out what kind of social structure that they are facing. This suppose to be the future in America where the economy is so bad and the whole social structure is collapsed. Interesting indeed ....

I can't wait to flip the pages again .... good night everyone .... zzzzzz

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