Monday, October 22

ETSY finding - who does not fall in love with FLOWERS?

I found this from ETSY, it is belong to rosyposydesigns, click HERE to visit her shop on ETSY. Her design is so pretty, sweet and unique. I always love flower fabrics, especially when you put them together as a whole bunch. They are great as accesories ... Just check out all these gorgeous products from her ETSY shop.

Today, I finished up organizing my fabric collections. I have this idea on mind, making bunch of flowers using my fabric collections, and how good it is I accidently stumble upon her shop. This is just like inspiration drop from the sky for me. Love it Love it ....

If you have a chance please do visit her shop. Oh BTW! I had updated my ETSY shop too, click HERE if you want to visit it. Thank you all ... good night.


  1. Beautiful findings! :) :) I love flowers too :D

  2. Me tooo ..... they are just lovely and colorfull


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