Thursday, October 25

Fashion Style - Bohemian in Heart

Obviously, if you are a regular reader of my blog, you definetelly know how much I love bohemian inspired style and fashion. It is not that I live in bohemian way { I wish I could }, but I just love and love their style. It is vintage, romantic, beautiful, full of flowers and very free in spirit. I wrote about it few times on my blog, one is my finding from pinterest, click HERE and here. And today I found this beautiful blog belong to Magnolia Pearl. Click HERE to visit the blog. This blog is just like a little forest that I can go inside and hide between the tree branches and fern and while hiding I can admire the forest fairies dancing in group. Just have a look yourself and you will be amazed, especially so, if you are a bohemian in heart too just like me.

and check out few of the videos I had picked up from their site in VIMEO. Have a look at those gorgeous laces, flowing satin and silk skirts as well as beautiful matching flowers. Dreamy, whimsi ... you name it. 

BTW, I don't dress like this, how I wish I can ... Singapore is just too hot for this fashion style :( I am mostly with Jeans, Simple top and flat shoes :)

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  1. how cool! I wish I could be fashionable like her too! Love your description of the forrest. xoxo


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