Friday, October 26

Finally I am on ETSY too

Hello friends, I am so excited to let you know that I had done and done .... completed setting up my ETSY shop. I have been trying to do this for long time, but I just don't have the time, energy and new creations. So Yeah! This is done, it's up there .... ready to be click and click. It was so much fun to work on my new art works, setting it up for the shop. That was so much I learnt just by doing that. I learnt how to be organized on my desktop filing so my product, my ads are all in place. I hate to look for things when I need it ... yeah! I am a freak when come to organizing things. I guess this is the nature of an accountant, we MUST be organized ... LOL! It just become a habit for me :)

Alright! What are those on my ETSY, and what is the difference between ETSY and my society6. Well ETSY is my own ..... I just rent out space from ETSY in a very low budgeted rate, whereas in Society6, I only earn commission for each items sold under my account. In Society6, they do all the work for me, they produce the goods and they ship them out on behalf of me, and at the end of the day I received my commission on my PayPall account. However with ETSY things are completely different. I do the whole works myself from A to Z, from creating to shipping. Basically in ETSY I totally in charge for my product. 

I will not sell my original works in ETSY as now, I prefer to scan them, edit them a bit and print them. I am using Canon Pixma for my scanning and printing. Have a look of the video of my printer ... it's a super awesome printer, I love it to the max. It's so easy to work with and it's wireless.

The ink I use to print these works are Chromalife 100+, it's the new system that preserve the long lasting beauty of the pictures. Click here to read more about it. And I am using the high resolution 250 gsm/ A4 size paper to print it. A4 size is just a nice size to be mailed around the world. We can easily cropping them using scissors and frame them as what we like it.

Some of my product are sold as single art print, meaning I am only selling one size. Few others are sold in 3 sizes { Full A4 size, postcard size and cute square size}. With one price, we can get 3 types of printing size that we can use for many things including making a small card.

I am also selling some of my photography here too. I made them into mini cards that I will be printing in A4 size paper, so you can easily cut them anyway you like it. Here are some of the usage that you can think of from my minicards.

Oh well ... to find out about them, just CLICK here. And for your information, I own this shop together with my daughter. She will be selling her art works too here. I post about it on her blog, click here if you want to read about it. To read more about us and our shop in ETSY , please do click here to check out the story about us.

Alright, that is all for the update. Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog. Cheers everyone.


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