Saturday, October 27

It's a new BLOG design

It was a blast to finally have the time to play around with my blog design. It is always awesome when suddenly an idea hit you and the next thing you know .... you are on the road speeding getting everything around done .... all in the same theme. Yeap! I did my redesign for my blog and few other my social media header. It was fun and fun process to do these all. Off course it is so much easier for me to do all these, since I have all the template and sizes handy. All I need to do is working on the design and concept and paste all those design to my ready made templates. Let me share them one by one ....

My new blog header ... I love and love it to the pieces. They are so me ..... it's sweet colors, shabby chic, vintage and very very romantic with all those roses.

My new blog design. How I love the background I made ... this is exactly the work I dream to make in real life. In the meantime I made this dream come true digitally :p Wood ... it's a must, this is to hold everything to the ground .... bring out the nature feeling when you are inside my virtual home {my blog}. I also had updated my wibiya tool. If you notice the rose bar at the bottom of my blog that give you the number of visitors that are online viewing my blog, next to it ... you have a player tool. You can click it to play ... it's Michael Buble, enjoy the song while you are here :)

I revamp my facebook page too. I like to keep the same theme across all my social media platform. I have many .... LOL! It takes me ages to update them one by one. I take proud of doing it ... I care about how my social media profile is presented out there. For me it is one way to show my work quality and how FUN I could be working with my design ... being an accountant detail and being in sync for all the ledgers are crucial. Consistency is the thing about us, therefore it becomes a HABIT for me :p. Blame it on my accounting subject, now I am so freak out when see things not in sync.

Designing twitter background can be tricky. In order to have a nice line up background when you tile it is important. So far I am happy with what I see on my twitter. I even love the small box for our personal profile on the new twitter.

My YouTube ... I will be uploading some video on how I am working with my art pretty soon. I need to set up my video camera first. It requires a special set up in order to self video camera myself :p I have to do it all myself, one man show basically.

Alright ... lastly, please click click here to bring you right up to all those print screen above. myFacebook , my Twitter, my YouTube

and finally GOOOOODDDD NIGHT!!!! zzzzzzzzzz


  1. what a new look! I like your color combo!

  2. thank you dear .... ma kasih yaaa!

  3. Your new layout looks amazing in all of the social media sites as well!! Goes well with the season too :)



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