Wednesday, October 31

my {ART} journal and photography

It seems a lot of blogger who loves art journaling are somehow love photography as well, maybe that is a perfect combination, it all started with photography, then scrapbooking then art journaling and on it goes .... I have been browsing around some awesome bloggers out there and they are doing exactly the same things too. It is always awesome to see how they photographed their art works and display them on their blog.  Oh well, I hope you enjoy mine ... 

This is only a simple one page journal with water color background. The background process is pretty simple. However the process of designing and trimming all these little little stuffs to be adhered to this page is a lot .... it's a long journey! How I wish I can just do them digitally, It will save so much for me. I am learning here, art journaling teaches me to do the long way, the long process of getting the things done. Patient and patient, drawing each of the small items, cut them then copy them to the pattern paper and finally adhere them to the page. I started out with 20 items maybe, I wanted to do 2 pages of journal with full of details, and I realize it will be too much to handle. I have other things to do ... so I cut them all ... minimize minimize! I simplify all by only using less then 10 items and make it onto only one page journal. Can you imagine it?

I name it - SHE IS HAPPY - basically it was fun doing this project. I had so much fun playing with pattern paper. They are just totally cute.

Okay! That is all for today, just having a fun with papers and snapping these pictures. I hope you like them ... I am looking forward for the school holiday! Yes!!!! Time to have so much fun with my daughter. Cheers everyone!


  1. so cute, Refine! I love the little cutouts. reminds me of the paperdolls I used to have a kid. I'm still trying to figure out all of the buttons on my camera.... i like the angles you took here!

  2. Thank you Jenny .... you can try it too at home. Always shot very close, i don't have DSLR ....


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