Monday, October 29

my ART Journal - Home and Family

I had done it finally! Another thing I check out from my list thing to do this year. That thing is - making my art journal video -. Yes! Basically I will be showing you how I make this particular journal. I am just doing it for FUN and LEARNING. It is always awesome to learn to do new things everyday. I think LEARNING makes our mind younger everytime. It also brings out the positive energy, creativity is FUN and I love doing it. Oh well ... I hope you like the first video I make. I will be doing it more WHEN time permits off course. The following are some snapshots of the journal before the video. Cheers!

and here is the VIDEO ..... :)))))))


  1. yey! i love videos of artists at work! wonderful pages.

  2. It made me so happy to see how you used my images! Lovely colors and wonderful creativity! Thank you so much! xoxoxo

    1. I love it too ... thank you for your wonderful work.

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